Adult's first and last name interchanged

One of the Adult’s names (one of our Assistant Scoutmaster) is wrong with First and Last names mixed up.

The Adult’s BSA ID #: 13722969

the Adult’s CORRECT NAME: (LI is the last name; is the first name) but now in the record, it shows Li is the first name and is the last name which is wrong.

His son’s BSA ID# 137158135

Can you please understand the case and solve the problem for us ?
We are under the FEC Asia West

thank you very much
Kitty Tam
Jan 6, 2022

@KittyTam please do not use names - you can post BSA # and that is usually enough - in this situation you need to talk to your Council as they messed it up

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I see, ok, thank you Donovan!

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