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Adult leader shows up twice with slightly different names and different BSA IDs!

I have a situation where an adult leader shows up with “Firstname Lastname” and then has a separate entry for “Firstname Lastname Jr”. But it’s definitely the same person.

I might have added him redundantly during a data import. How do I tell which entry was added from the central database?

When I try and do an update on one of the entries, I get a duplicate email error.

I don’t see any option for inactivating one of the entries.

Hmmmm, both entries have BSA IDs, but they’re not the same.

Ok, so this sounds like a special case problem. Is there a place to get phone support for special cases like this (I don’t want to publish his data publicly here).

Thanks in advance
Ben Slade
Pack 478 of Kensington MD

@BenjaminSlade - the scouts and scouters added by membership sync with my.scouting will have this in the notes section of the position - AkelaSBDeltaSync. So those are the official records as known by my.scouting. The person may also have two BSA ID’s (not uncommon for some folks) those can be linked together by that person in the legacy tools in my.scouting, or they can have the registrar merge them if needed.

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Ok, got it. I’ve disconnected the bad adult entry from the leadership roles, but now I have the bad name still in the system, but not associated with any scout. And the bad name has the same email as the good name causing update problems for the good name.

I don’t see anyway to find an adult who is not associated with a scout, and edit/remove that bad entry. Suggestions?

Thanks in advance

Hi, @BenjaminSlade,

This isn’t actually that special a case situation. It happens to a lot of us who have more than one BSA ID for various reasons (previous scouting experience, multiple leadership positions in different groups, etc).

The solution in this case is to email and ask that the two Scoutbook accounts be merged. As @Stephen_Hornak mentioned, the BSA ID numbers also need to be merged into one adult account. This can be done by BSA Member Care, your council registrar (assuming both numbers are from your council), or by the affected adult at

Make sure when you contact that you indicate which account, BSA ID, leadership roles, etc should be preserved. I think that the BSA IDs should be merged before the two Scoutbook accounts are merged, but that step may be sequence independent.

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Ok, got it. Thanks for the info.

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