Advancement chair access question

I have recently taken over the advancement chair position for our pack. I’m listed as the position but cannot run any of the reports for the children except for my own (needs approval, purchasing, awarding). I only have the ability to view. I was however able to approve and purchase under the internet advancement tab but don’t see an option to award. Our den leader has tried to approve me again for access but it didn’t work. The advancement chair that I’m replacing and still has access while I learn the ropes says it shows that I have “view profile and view advancements right” but not full control.

@AprilAzaravich the first (and main) issue is you are not a registered leader so you can only have view access. You need to fill out an Adult Application and complete YPT Training to be a leader.


Thank you for the reply. I just filled out the application to register as a leader. I completed the YPT on 12/8/21. Do I need to take it again once I’m registered or will that transfer with my account! Thanks for your help!

It should transfer over… The important thing is to make sure you have the same BSA ID number on your YPT certificate and on your adult application. If you end up with two BSA ID numbers, please post them here, and one of the SUAC members can merge them into one account.

Also, ensuring that your accounts (e.g. Scoutbook & and application have the same name (i.e. full legal, no nickname) and email address helps a great deal with avoiding duplicate accounts.

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Keep the certificate you got as a pdf via email. It will be good for 2 years (for most councils) from the date you took it.

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