Cannot enable Advancement Chair to have "Edit Advancement" for scouts

RB User #10454194 is our Advancement Chair but the Connections Manager it lists her permissions as “View Profile” and “View Advancement”. When we try to select her name from the list on the side of Connections Manager, all of the choices for authorization are not able to be selected. I have full access as Key 3 and incoming Committee Chair but I am unable to give her the Edit Advancement or Full Access permissions. Suggestions? Thank you.

That user is not a registered leader so should not even have Scoutbook positions - to have more than View she needs to be a registered leader

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The current Committee Chair states that she was paid for at recharter in Dec 2020. She also knows that at one time there were two different accounts for this individual. Is it possible that the profile / account with the Advancement Chair permissions could have been deleted? And can you pull up accounts with a leader’s BSA #? I know that the Advancement Chair was able to input all of the awards and had full access through the spring and summer this year.

There is a deleted BSA # of 136548308 - but I see no registrations

The BSA number listed for our Advancement Chair RB is 125504252

@TravisBott yes - that one has no registrations

Ok, the Committee Chair is pulling the records from recharter to show that our Advancement Chair was included with our recharter and is registered. What steps need to be completed in order to restore that registration with her Scoutbook account?

you need to talk to your council - this is a council issue

Little confused as the system says You are the UAC - not your wife

Thank you Donovan for looking into it. I will attempt to track someone down at council. The Committee Chair put me in as the UAC in order for someone to have access for the UAC responsibilities until this is all sorted out.

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I went thru this recently with my advancement chair. He was previously a tiger adult partner, so technically he was a free adult. But when his son advanced in the summer, he automatically dropped off our registration rolls over the summer when the council did their annual update cycle (end of June I think) So we then needed to register him as a paid adult.
If you have Key 3 permissions, you can always check your official registered roster using the roster tool in If they’re not on the roster for your unit, then you can’t give them permissions in scoutbook. If this person isn’t on your roster and you think they should be, then you need to take it up with your council registrar.

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