Advancement Chair not able to Log in

we have a new advancement chair not able to log in to Scoutbook. How do we fix this so he can Log in to be able to do advancement for our Linked Troop?

Has their committee member registration already been processed by the council registrar? If they aren’t appearing on your official roster at, I would start by reaching out to the registrar about their registration status.

If the scouter does appear on the official roster, then they should be able to log in to Scoutbook with the same credentials they used to log into my.scouting to take YPT and any other online training.

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@VictoriaJurek - no adult application, ypt and cbc… no leader position. It really is that simple. I have worked that mantra for a decade. The worst legacy of the old scoutbook was that you could assign leaders at will. That was not a good or best practice


Post the adult’s BSA Member ID (no names) and we will investigate.

He has been added by our Council as an advancement chair with an adult application form, has done his YPT and has completed his training. I also checked that his Id in Scoutbook and is the same and it is . His BSA IS 14031583

The account looks correct. The system is telling me he last logged in to Scoutbook at 5:50 AM on Monday, April 4. What happens when he logs in? He should be using the Google Login button and his Google ID.

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