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Advancement chair - Log in issues

Can someone please contact my advancement chair and help him with his log in issues? Thank you!

rxdoc2011@gmail.com - Marc Rutherford

" * I reset cookies and cleared caches.I think the issue is that I changed my email to gmail account. My login was my bellsouth email and the system doesnt seem to recognize it? I tried the “reset password” function multiple times and am unable to get new password? Is that something you can help me with on the admin side? Or do I contact scoutbook support?"

Can he login to my.scouting.org? Is he listed as advancement chair in Organizational Security Manager in my.scouting.org (a Key 3 can find out)?

He told me he couldn’t log in. He’s not listed as our advancement chair in that manager. I actually don’t see him listed in my.scouting.org at all. Does he need to register an account there? Thanks!


Advancement Chair is typically a unit committee role. In order to be designated as Advancement Chair in Organization Security Manager, the individual must be registered with the unit.

First, he will need to create an account in my.scouting.org then take Youth Protection Training and submit an adult application. After your council processes the application, a Key 3 member (Scoutmaster/Cubmaster/Crew Advisor/Skipper, Committee Chair or Charter Org Rep) can add the role in Organization Security Manager.

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Thanks Ed! Do you know how he can get logged into Scoutbook for the time being? Ccing Marc

@KellyLivingston - It seems like he was able to log in before and I would guess as a parent or am I mis-understanding how this originated ?


I sent you a private message. Click on the orange circle with white K in the upper right of the forum screen.

Yes he’s been able to log in previously to scout book as a parent but now cannot log in - thanks!

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