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Can't get new Advancement Chair working

Scoutbook shows he has access to everything but when they run the Purchasing report, they only see their son’s awards. I have set him up as Advancement Chair on my.scouting and Scoutbook. I cannot change his permissions on the Connections page. I can add boys to his connection but cannot change his overall access privileges. I can change other scouters permission rights but not his.

We are trying to do a Court of Honor next week and would like this resolved prior to that.

Thanks, Gerritt Beatty

Hi, @GerrittBeatty,

What’s your role in Scoutbook? From what you’ve described, it sounds like you’re a Unit Admin? When you look at the scouter’s unit membership and positions, are they all showing up as approved? Is the scouter logging in with his my.scouting credentials, rather than his email address?

Yes unit admin and all showing up approved. I will check with him on the login details.

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