Advancement Chair unable to search/invite merit badge counselors


As the Advancement Chair, I am responsible for using Scoutbook to identify and assign merit badge counselors to scouts in our troop. This helps alleviate the workload on the Scoutmaster and other leaders. Recently, the merit badge counselor option is greyed out when I go to invite a counselor. If there was recent change in the code, could the developers at least allow the Advancement Chair permission to assign merit badge counselors to scouts?


There was a (presumably temporary) change due to a security issue. There have been a number of posts raising this issue, including this one: Unable to Search for Merit Badge Counselor - #2 by jacobfetzer I think it was also noted in one of the Scoutbook change log posts, but I can’t find it off hand.

@Dean - point of order… according to the BSA Guide to Advancement it is the unit leader who has the MB discussion with the scout and recommends an MBC. I think that you should review section 7 as i recall concerning the merit badge process.


You are not listed as Advancement Chair in A Key 3 will need to designate you as advancement chair on the roster in 24 hours later you should have the permissions you need in Scoutbook to search for connections.


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