Unable to Search for Merit Badge Counselor

I am trying to add an approved Mb Counselor as the Communications merit badge councilor for my son in Scout book. I found this page with Instructions: How do I assign merit badge counselors to a Scout? (SB) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base (scouting.org), but I am unable to search for the MB Counselor……the option is not available. I have tried this on MSFT Edge and Also Apple Safari, same result.

ScoutBook is asking I create a new connection by emailing the MB counselor, but I also cannot click on the box granting them access.

Please help.

The search box has been disabled temporarily in many cases because of the security concern. A troop admin should still be able to add the connection.

First people were saying this was a bug and would be fixed. Now people are saying this was disabled for privacy issues, whIch makes no sense. Is this being fixed? Or is the process being changed for the worse, instead of keeping things simple?

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The last we heard is the development team is working on a fix that will restore the search capabilities without causing privacy issues.

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Thanks so much for the reply and information. Appreciate the clarification.

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