Advancement coordinator access after transferring troops

Recently I transferred my son to a new troop. Afterwards I discovered the old troop had not updated all of his merit badge completions from Troopwebhost to Scoutbook. The advancement coordinator at the old troop said he no longer has access to my son’s profile to make the updates.

Is there anyway he can get access temporarily to make the updates?

They could be connected in Scoutbook - the UAC would not be able to approve as they are not a unit leader for the unit in Scoutbook (kind of depends on several things)

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Maybe remove the end date on the membership in the old troop in the scout’s Connections page, and the UAC can use that as a way to have leader connection type? It might require a unit admin to approve the reconnected “membership” before advancement could be entered/approved?

Looks like adding a Connection will work.

Thank you for the quick replies.

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