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Advancement corrections

I am doing some house cleaning of a Scout that advanced from AOL this past summer and there are some adventures/electives that were not recorded by the Pack before he officially joined the Troop. Is there a way to get his records updated for things that he earned, but were not recorded before joining the Troop?


the council staff can do it for you - but if it is just adventures it really does not matter

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Mr McNeil,
As discussed in other forums posts, I understand it’s very complicated and not recommended for Troop Unit Leaders to update any old records by Scoutbook.

Could a troop leader upload / import an advancement CSV file thru Internet Advancements that fixes or updates old Cub Scout Records?

For example, I don’t normally see this operating in Scoutbook, but when I export advancement history from Scoutbook for custom spreadsheet reports, the data includes Cub Scout records with items completed but never awarded.

not sure on Import in IA for a different unit type - have never tried that

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