Advancement Export, Incorrect Column Alignments and Date Quoting

Data being exported is not aligning with headers. This is occurring with many records, not just particular rows. To make this clear I have aligned the commas between the header row and the data row. Also, DateCompleted is in quotes, while other dates are not quoted.

It goes awry at CounselorApprovedDate, which seems to be missing in some cases, but should just be an empty value (,)

"BSA Member ID","First Name","Middle Name","Last Name","Advancement Type","Advancement","Version","Date Completed","Approved","Awarded","MarkedCompletedBy","MarkedCompletedDate","CounselorApprovedBy","CounselorApprovedDate","LeaderApprovedBy","LeaderApprovedDate","AwardedBy","AwardedDate"
136680564      ,"Some"      ,""           ,"Kid"      ,"Merit Badge"     ,"Swimming"   ,2014     ,"9/9/2019"      ,1         ,1        ,Some Guy           ,10/28/2019,          ,                     ,Some Guy               ,10/28/2019        ,"Another Guy"       ,11/5/2019

It appears this was reported back in Dec 2020 with no response. The fact that these topics are closed after 7 days of no response, without any administrator feedback, doesn’t seem helpful.

@RichardCollette - the forums are moderated by volunteers just like you, not BSA paid staff or the development team.

That I know, but the BSA spends money on these systems, but doesn’t have a means of reporting bugs to the developers of those systems? What is the point of having a forum for bugs, monitored by volunteers, if the volunteers have no means of reporting the bugs to the actual developers of the software?

@RichardCollette - they can and do report bugs to the dev team. Now I just did an export and the columns appear to line up for me. admittedly I have to expand the columns to fit the header text but all appears normal to me.

Is this enough evidence?

@RichardCollette - no need to be testy…

I’m not being testy. I’m asking what is wanted to adequately document that there is an issue.

@RichardCollette - what you have posted is sufficient but I would obscure the names as this is a publicly visible forum.

@RichardCollette so this is Export from Scoutbook?

Based on your exemplar in the first post, it looks like there’s a superfluous comma in the MarkedCompletedDate field. Am I correctly reading that, or was that a typo?

If that’s correct, does it occur in each of the rows where you see an offset, or is the offset occurring in different “spots” along each row?

I am not seeing this issue - what program are you using to open the file?

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I’ve hidden the names. As I scrolled down, I realized that this is affecting all rows whose “Advancement Type” is “Merit Badge Requirement”.

I’ve opened the the raw CSV in VS Code and did the comma alignment that is in my original post.

The screen shots are from excel.

@RichardCollette - what happens if you open the csv directly without opening in any other application. My example is opened directly in excel.

that is what I am wondering also - cause mine mine up perfect

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@RichardCollette - I would suggest a new fresh download then open in excel and not any other application.

I downloaded again, same issue just opening in Excel.

I discovered the problem when I was trying to import into PostgreSQL using DBeaver and had not opened the file in another application. The import fails due to string values trying to be put in date columns, because of the misalignment.

@CharleyHamilton - has it correct. I missed the extra comma when I was doing my alignment. It appears there is an extra comma in the output. Here is another example row, aligned.

"BSA Member ID","First Name","Middle Name","Last Name","Advancement Type"       ,"Advancement"                    ,"Version","Date Completed","Approved","Awarded","MarkedCompletedBy","MarkedCompletedDate","CounselorApprovedBy","CounselorApprovedDate","LeaderApprovedBy","LeaderApprovedDate","AwardedBy","AwardedDate"
136680564      ,"Some"      ,""           ,"Kid"      ,"Merit Badge Requirement","Citizenship in the Community #1",2016     ,"3/11/2024"     ,1         ,         ,Some Guy           ,3/13/2024            ,                     ,                       ,3/13/2024         ,Richard Collette    ,3/13/2024  ,             ,,

This is the export I am using, hopefully everyone is doing the same.

@RichardCollette - that is exactly what I am doing. The alignment appears normal for me and I have not been able to replicate.

@RichardCollette you think extra comma at the end?