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Advancement History reports blank for most scouts

When I run Advancement History reports for individual scouts or for all scouts, only 12 of my 30 scouts are included. The others show no data. The roster report shows all 30 scouts. Using IA2, not scoutbook user.

Also, scouts who’ve crossed over from cubs in the past year are showing cub awards on their reports. How can we eliminate those from the report?

the 18 that do not show - have they earned anything in the unit yet?

Yes. Some are are almost Eagle. They all have awards and ranks that should be showing.

OK - might be easiest to do a screenshare - do you want me to set one up?

sure, that would be fine.

ok I will send you a direct message with link

@KimberlyAddington did you get the Direct Message?

no, I did not. …