Awards not appearing in Cub Scout History Report

Awards are not appearing for most scouts in our Cub Scout History Reports. The awards DO appear on the individuals’ advancement page, just not in the report. Curiously, in den-level History Reports, a few scouts do have awards appearing, while most scouts do not. (I saw a similar bug was resolved in January 2021). Just mainly trying to print histories for the AOL scouts who will be joining troops next week.


@CarolGee - i just ran the report on the cub that will be bridging in my pack and all awards were listed. That was from the den.

From the pack level i did not see the cub scout history report listed. I do see it listed if i back out to where all units are showing but that requires the BSA ID

@CarolGee Can you post the MID of a scout missing awards, the awards missing, and the exact url of the report (when the report is displayed) that is missing the awards, and describe the path of how you got to the report (from Pack level, Den level page, individual member’s page). Thanks, and that should allow for the developers to perform appropriate troubleshooting. As an aside, I just checked some reports in my Pack and ran the report from the individual Scout’s profile page under reports and all awards matched.

MID is the member ID or BSA ID?

One of my scouts is BSA ID 134271668. He should have two shooting sports patches and pins, 3 summertime pins, a religious knot, 2 cyber chips and some recharges, a whittling chip and a world conservation award.

Here is the URL for the CubScout History Report from his individual page: (redacted after fix)

And here is the URL for his Den’s Cub Scout History Report: (redacted)

Thank you @CarolGee. I’ll pass this to the developers and see what they can find.

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@CarolGee we think the root cause has been found and fixed. Can you try running it again and seeing if it works properly now?

It works!! Thank you for your prompt fix; I’ve downloaded their records and we are all set to cross over. I will edit the post above to remove the URLs since it does access some personal info.

Users could not access the URLs without connections - they just fail

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