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Advancement import stuck in "Pending"

We’re trying to import our pack’s end-of-year advancement data into IA2.0. We attempted it last night, and we attempted it again this morning. The validator showed that the import was successful. But the History tab still shows “pending” and the advancements are not appearing in Scoutbook.

Is there a known issue going on? Or did we do something wrong? We’ve used this process successfully in previous months, so I think there may be an issue with IA2.


Well the validator shows the File is good - then it goes in a queue - I sent not to Developers to see if it is stuck

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Should we expect the queue to last several hours or even days? In the past it would go through within an hour or two. It’s been 12+ hours since we did last night’s import. Could there be a backlog right now caused by everyone importing right before the extended July 31 deadline?


The July 31 deadline is for finishing up advancement requirements for Cub Scouts. Reporting those advancements can be done after July 31.

Jennifer, that’s good to know, thank you. We were hoping to do one final export today and then advance our cubs to their next rank in our management tool (ScoutTrack) so we could begin recording the advancements counting toward their next rank. We were hoping to do both steps simultaneously on the deadline date and make a clean transition. This hiccup is blocking the process. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s a little inconvenient. Update regarding the imports: both still show “pending” on the history screen, including the one initiated last night.

If this helps, here’s a screenshot of this morning’s import. Time is PST, so more than three hours ago.

I deleted file as it had Youth names on it

No worries Donovan, thanks for looking out for us. I’m attaching the same screens with names blurred this time.

@MichaelK - sending you a direct message look at avatar top right

@MichaelK I think your second file has processed

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Yep, looks like it went through. Correct advancements now appear in Scoutbook.

Thanks all for your assistance with this! :slight_smile: