Advancement Lifecycle

We have a new Advancement Chair (Pack unit type), and I want to map out the Scoutbook flow of advancement for them. I went looking for the old help pages/user guides, but couldn’t find a link to them anywhere. Are they still out there?

I may or may not have this flow correct, so please let me know if I missed anything, or if anything is wrong.

  1. Parents/Den Leaders enter as “Completed”.
  2. Unit Leader (hopefully Den Leader) marks as “Approved”.
  3. Award appears on the “Needs Purchasing Report”.
  4. Purchase Order is created.
  5. Once awards are purchased, the Purchase Order is closed.
  6. When the award is presented to the Scout, it is marked “Awarded”.


  • When the Purchase Order is closed, does this effectively remove the award from future “Needs Purchasing Reports”?
  • Is there a way to run a “Needs Awarding Report” that does not include items that have not been purchased? I understand the idea that unpurchased items need to be awarded, but since they haven’t been purchased, they aren’t available to be awarded.
  • Is there any way to generate these reports by Den? I am both a Den Leader and a Pack Admin. When I run all of the award reports, they all come up as Pack-wide.

Yes - once an item is on one PO it does not show on others
No - Needs awarding runs for all
No - they are for units - not sub-units

one the last question - I do not know how they run if you are just a sub-unit admin - if you have no connections to other scouts I believe you would just see the scouts you are connected to

Thank you.

What exactly is the difference between creating a purchase order and closing a purchase order? Is closing it simply the act of printing it? If so, is there any method to show that the awards have actually been physically purchased?

I feel that there are benefits to a “Needs Awarding Report” that only includes awards that are purchased. If I have a stack of awards (mainly adventure loops) that the advancement chair has given me, but some Scouts may have earned the same awards since the last PO was created/shopped, I would like to be able to ensure that I am handing out the awards to the Scouts they were intended for.

Also, it may be beneficial to be able to filter the reports by Den, especially for the “Needs Awarding Report”. This will allow the advancement chair to provide a bag of awards and a list of the Scouts they are for to the DL to present at the next den meeting.

Closing a PO makes it so nothing else can be added to it. There is no purchase history in SB.

The PO can be sorted using the Grouping filter

@DonovanMcNeil Thank you for clearing that up. What happens if you close the PO and then the Scout Shop is out of stock. How do you get that item on to a future PO?

You would have to delete the PO, and then create a new PO that only has the items that were purchased on it.

Needs purchasing is not available at the subunit level, but needs approval and needs awarding are.

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