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Missing items in Scoutbook reports

The last purchase order I created was in March. Our troop has been very active since then but nothing is showing up in the needs purchasing report except the most recent stuff. So all of the rank advancements and merit badges earned between March and July are not showing up. They show up for the individual scouts but I have no idea what I need to purchase.

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Look at the Audit date (like 12/4/18 date here) - are they marked awarded? Are you sure there is not an open purchase order? Also check the last few purchase orders.

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Looks like they are marked awarded but don’t appear on any PO open or closed. how do I get a report of what was awarded during that date range?

an admin can pull the backup file and use excel to sort it to figure it out - or you can use the Unit Recognition report for a time period

If you use the Scouts BSA Recognition Report, select the “Include Awarded Within Date Range” option to catch items that were marked as Awarded during your specified time period.

If you have a Troop Admin Export / Backup the Advancement csf file, you can open it in a spreadsheet program like Excel. Turn filters on, filter based on the “Approved” field = 1, then sort based on the “AwardedDate” field.

These replies were very helpful, thank you so much. I have been able to find the “missing” items so can bring that list to the Scout store. We had done a virtual COH in June but the Scout store was still closed so hadn’t purchased. I hadn’t realized when I marked them awarded that it would remove them from the list of needs purchasing items.

Yes, the idea is that if an item has been awarded, then it has been presented to the Scout so there is no need to purchase.

If you need an Advancement Report, you will need to go back to those items, and uncheck the box next to Awarded. Then the items will show up again on the Needs Purchasing Report and you can add them to a Purchase Order.

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