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Advancement Report and Summary need Rank added in descriptions

When printing the Advancement Report which also includes the Summary of how many of each award is needed it would be helpful to have the Cub Scout Rank added to the descriptions. For example as compared to having just Adventure in Coins Adventure have Wolf - Adventures in Coins Adventure. This helps when you are at the Scout Shop and they are all grouped together.

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@JenniferWertz - it seems like you are actually in internet advancement rather than scoutbook. I use the purchase order in scoutbook grouped by den to isolate each rank level. I will say though that I do not recall their being adventures in coins in any other rank level.

@JenniferWertz , I believe @Stephen_Hornak has hit on the best answer for you. To help, here are some screenshots. When in Scoutbook, and in the need purchasing report, if you scroll down, you have different options to group the report.

When organize by den is checked, you can easily see which adventures are Wolf, Bear, Webelos, etc. It’s very handy, even when the adventure is only for one rank and not repeated name wise (but I understand when going to the Scout Store and they have everything grouped by rank, it does make it easier in the search for the items).

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Adventures in Coins is a Wolf elective adventure

New Question then - 4 of my Cubs earned the Protect Yourself Rules for their den. When I pulled the original needs purchasing report they were on there but they were unavailable at the Scout Shop. How do I reset the purchase because they will not appear on the report now.

@JenniferWertz - I work this process in scoutbook:

  1. Print the PO and advancement report and visit the shop.

2 if all items are available I close the PO and mark all items aa awarded in the needs awarding report after printing out the packet sheets from the cub recognition report.

  1. If there are items not available i will delete the purchase order and make a new one with the items purchased and close it as above. Then fir the unavoidable items they are on a new po.

After doing this for some 6 or 7 years in scoutbook it is just routine.

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