Rank purchase orders and printing cards

Our Pack likes to award all the cub’s ranks at one time. The ranks are marked as “completed” and “approved” by the Den Leaders in the months leading up to that meeting. This causes it to show up in the purchase order report. Whether the patch is ordered or not, the rank drops off the P.O. and can only be added back on by cycling the “approved” check box. At no time has the “awarded” box been checked.

I would like to print all the advancement cards at one time. I would have thought that the card-printing report would generate all un-awarded ranks but it only shows the latest batch. Is there a way to show a card-printing report for all un-awarded ranks?


Section of the Guide to Advancement states:

A Cub Scout who has completed advancement should be congratulated immediately and publicly. And though badges of rank should be reserved for the next pack meeting, it is best to present items such as belt loops and pins soon after they have been earned. If it is possible for the pack to report and purchase these awards quickly, they could be presented at a den meeting, rather than waiting for a pack meeting. If presented at den meetings, the accompanying pocket certificates can be used in a ceremony at a subsequent pack meeting—or vice versa with the pocket certificates at a den meeting. However this is done, it is important to note that advancement is an individual process, not dependent on the work or progress of others. Awards should not be withheld for group recognition. Likewise, a youth should not be presented with recognition that was not earned simply to avoid anyone “feeling left out.”

The way Scoutbook works is once an award is on the purchase order, it is not placed on another purchase order unless it has been unapproved or the purchase order deleted. This is because once a purchase order is closed, it is assumed the item was purchased. Scoutbook is designed to follow the Guide to Advancement, thus pocket certificates should be printed when the rank is earned and purchased.

When we print 1-2 at a time, we end up with a bunch of extra cards (they can’t be fed back through the printer). This is wasteful.


Side note: I just took the most recent online Pack Committee leader training and it recommends awarding “all the ranks” at the Blue and Gold banquet.

When there is a conflict, the Guide to Advancement overrules all other BSA documentation except for the Guide to Safe Scouting.

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Any ideas for the card printing problem?

Greg, Do you remember which training module that awarding rank at Blue and Gold Banquet statement was in? SCO_453 Advancement?

BSA’s intent is that Scouts in all programs be recognized at soon as possible. Repeating recognition at Blue and Gold banquet is OK. Cub Scouts can also earn rank after the Blue and Gold banquet.


I’m pretty sure it was in one of the modules in CS19 Pack Committee Chair - Before Your First Pack Meeting. I was unable to “rewind” on some of those and wasn’t able to find the specific course # (opening the table of contents and then clicking the chapter did NOT work for some courses).