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Cant see Advancement report

I am Unit Advancement Chair and a pack admin for my pack and have been generating this report for years. My menu has now changed and I dont have the option to see pending advancements, generate the advancement report and PO. When I checked with the cubmaster, his view hasn’t changed.
Has anyone else had this issue? I am sufficiently linked and have the green shield on all my positions.

Try having the Cubmaster reset your Pack Admin role. Ask him to:

  1. Go to the Pack Roster page.
  2. Click on your name.
  3. Click on your Unit Advancement Chair role.
  4. Click on Update.
  5. Click on your Pack Admin role.
  6. Click on Update.

Let us know if this fixes things for you.

We just tried that. I logged out and in again. No difference. Any other ideas?

At the risk of asking a stupid question, you’re using Scoutbook (scoutbook.com), not IA2 (scoutbook.scouting.com), right?

I know that the functional roles have been reset at my.scouting, so most advancement chairs don’t have access right now through IA2. That should not, however, have impacted Scoutbook.

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Yup…this is on Scoutbook.com

Hrm…are you running the Feature Assistant Extension? I recall at one point an update had broken something, and there have been a couple of updates since then. If you’re running the extension, are you on the latest version?

Apparently no. I had to check with someone more proficient in tech terms…:blush:

@HelangaUsliyanage When I do a search for your name in Scoutbook, it looks like you have 2 accounts.

Try asking your Cubmaster to get your BSA ID # from the Member Manager at my.scouting.org. Then under your account in Scoutbook, try going to My Account -> Switch SSO Profile to see if your account is connected to the correct BSA ID #.

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@HelangaUsliyanage If using My Account -> Switch SSO Profile does not fix the issue for you, please send an e-mail to Scoutbook support at:


Please include as much identifying information as you can (your full name, BSA ID #, unit number, council name, etc.).

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Thank you for your response, Jennifer. My cub master reached out to our scout support this morning and they discovered that in fact I had 3 accounts in my name and merged them. According to them, this should resolve the issue and i am to check in a day or 2.
I can keep you posted too. Lets see if this works.

Thanks again.

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Depending on who the CM contacted, I’d be skeptical that this will solve your issue. It may be the root cause, but I’d suspect they are merging your BSA Member Numbers. You likely also have to contact the email Jennifer listed about and ask them to merge your Scoutbook accounts. Of course, you’ll need to tell them which one to keep.

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