Advancement Report labelled Service Hours Eagle Project Report

Apologies if this is a duplicate, but I searched and didn’t see it mentioned. This is for our pack.

When I’m on: Internet Advancement

Then click Needs Purchasing

Then at the bottom click on GENERATE REPORT

The tab that it opens up is titled “Service Hours Eagle Project Report

So then if you save the report (print to PDF), it’s titled the same thing.

Ideally the page would be named “ Advancement Report” or something like that so that you ended up with it automatically being labelled as today with the unit information in there. That way if someone (like Advancements Chair) is saving the files or just has multiple on their computer, they will be labelled with the unit and date as not to confuse them with other unit’s or date’s reports.

For example:

20230111 Pack 802 Advancement Report


Pack 802 Advancement Report 20230111


Advancement Report Pack 802 20230111

Thank you.

Still an issue and it’s annoying to see it mislabeled.


I have reported this to the developers.

@SharonMower This should be fixed.