MIssing eagleservice projects in Service hours totals

My unit had several Eagle projects this year and we entered them in, but they seem to have disappeared.
Our dash board shows 0 hours of service.

These where the only service projects we had this year for about 245 hours of work for our CO.

I’m also a ACC so I can see our activity report in Commissioner’s tools and that report shows the 245 hours in the eagle section but the Total hours for the unit is showing 0.

when I look at other units that have both types of hours some of them are getting an accurate total and others are only getting the amount reported as regular hours.
this is messing up our reports and making it hard to get an accurate assessment of service hours by unit.

Council: Colonial Virginia #595
District Monitor Merrimac 08
Unit Troop 43.

Another example is Troop 6 in the same district and council.
They reported eagle hours and regular hours, but the eagle hours are not showing up in their totals.

@WilliamRichards1 Which report (or reports) are you referring to?

Just for clarity, these were entered in the activities portion and not only in the Eagle service project button on the particular Scout?

Not just in here?


the unit dashboard and the unit activity Summary report. the one for troop 43 (1/1/2023 to present is attached)

Total hours is showing 0

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It happened in august. I believe that we entered them in as activates via Scoutbook and we checked the box that indicated they were part of another scout’s eagle project. I can no longer see the entries in Scoutbook and the unit’s total service hours dropped from 245 to 0. although if you look at the attached report. it does mention the 245 hours but does not include them in the total.

Correction the service hours were entered in late May.

Also the unit dsah bord is not showing the service hours generated by an eagle scout project when the Eagle is a member of the unit. we need that so we can report it to our Chartered Org.

it should sho 245 eagle hours…


That is not Internet Advancement. I suggest contacting your Council for assistance with the dashboard as the SUAC does not have contacts that support that function.

@edavignon I think William is referring to 2 different reports:

Activities Summary Report - Internet Advancement (Run Report → Activities Summary Report)

Unit Dashboard - my.Scouting Tools (Organization Manager)

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that does not answer my question. Why did the entries disapear. and why is national taking away my unit’s service hours and not displaying them on my dashboard, or in my reports. and instead giving my council and national credit for the eagle project service hours.
It makes it impossible to complete the JTE score card because they zeroed us out.

That is the new unit dashboard. and it should be displaying the correct number of service hours for my unit but it is not.


The unit dashboard is not part of Internet advancement or Scoutbook. You will need to work with your council staff to get this issue reported. Tools that are part of my.scouting.org require a ticket be opened with member care. Only a council can do that.


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