Activity Summary report does not include hours worked on Eagle Projects

Every spring we give an award for Service to the Unit to the scout with the most service hours over the last year. The Internet Advancement Activity Summary Report does not include service hours working on Eagle Projects for other scouts. Last year’s report did. Is there any way to get this included? Our troop does a lot of Eagle projects.

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Do they show up when you run the Activity Log Report? Make sure you select the following:

Service Log
Conservation Service Log
Eagle Service Project

yes that works but is a 23 page report versus the 3 pages for the Activity Summary. The Summary list a lot of categories we do no use. We do conservation, scouting for food and Eagle Scout projects.

We have reported this to the programmers

Thank you the summary report is so much easier to work with

@TwilaLytle - is there not a csv export ?

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