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Advancement Reporting

My district committee is still using the old-school advancement report that looks like this:

We are seeing some discrepancies between what our units have entered in either Scoutbook or Internet Advancement, and what is reported here. Two questions:

  1. Is there actually an issue between the active advancements being recorded and the source of data for this old report, or is my advancement committee just missing something? I can get information from a couple of units to help track down differences.
  2. Is there a plan to update My.Scouting tools to include more user-friendly advancement reporting for districts?


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if I recall correctly that report has been broken for over 2 years and is no longer fully supported

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The District Advancement Report should be showing the approved advancements in both Scoutbook and Internet Advancement. If it does not, send an email to my.scouting@scouting.org detailing the discrepancies.