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Advancement missing from District Advancement Report

I have opened a ticket with ( but also wanted to post here to see if anyone else is noticing a similar issue. It appears that some advancements (sometimes whole units) are not syncing from Scoutbook to ScoutNet to appear on the District Advancement reports. I am assuming (though I cannot confirm) this has a possible negative affect on JTE, as well as on the ability of Commissioners and District/Council advancement committees to effectively monitor the advancement health of the units they assist with.

Is anyone else experiencing this?
Can anyone from SUAC or National advise on the status of Troubleshooting or a Fix?


Please be more specific. There have been issues with the District Advancement Report in the past but as far as we have heard, all have been fixed.

One thing to keep in mind is the District Advancement Report tracks calendar year, not Scout year so anything earned before January 1, 2019 will not be on the current reports.

I provided examples in the ticket noted above however here is an excerpt:

Description of Issue:


I am a volunteer in the Laurel Highlands Council (527) currently serving as a District Advancement Chairman. During the review of our latest District Advancement reports we noticed some discrepancies between ScoutNet and report printouts we are receiving from Scoutbook. We have at least 2 units Troop 0158-B and Troop 0262-B are both showing 0 advancements this year in ScoutNet, however we have verified that Scoutbook shows advancement, there are 3 more units in my district that I am waiting on the Commissioner Staff to verify with the Unit Leaders of their ScoutBook advancement for the year. At least 1 other unit was brought up at our last Council Advancement Committee meeting, I have copied our Council Program Director on this email for visibility on this request. Can you please verify that all advancements are syncing as expected and correctly reporting from ScoutNet.


Council 527
I have attached a copy of the Troop 0158 Recognition Report for 01/01/2019 - 05/08/2019 and have highlighted the appropriate section of the last District Advancement Summary I received from my DE today.

Troop 0262 is another example that as you can see is showing 0 Ranks this year, yet I have a printout (I can provide names if needed) that shows 2 rank advancements so far this year that are not reflected on the above District Advancement Report

I also provided specific names, but since this is a more public forum I will refrain from sharing Youth information.