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District Advancement Report- When Does Advancement Show Up?

Alright y’all- I need some help. We just had our quarterly Council-wide Advancement Meeting and all of us who are checking the report are seeing the same thing- our numbers are not accurate based on actual rank achieved. We have had 300+ Eagles in one District and it’s showing 200. I’ve had 7 Lions that achieved Rank in 2020-2021, but I’m only getting credit for 2.

So, at what point does rank populate in this report? We use Scoutbook, so is it when a POS order is closed, when it’s marked as “approved” or “awarded” or something totally different?

Also, to help my fellow Scouters- please let me know how the same question applies to a Scout achieving rank in Scouts BSA.

Thanks so much! Below is a screenshot of the top of the report we receive every week from Council in case there are different ones out there.

That looks like the legacy based on the format of the header. It is a calendar year report, not a Scout year report. Are you comparing the correct date range when counting your District Ealges and pack Lions?

Yes- all of our units but Cubs run a January-December year, so we evaluate it based on a Jan. 1 - Dec 31, 2021 timeframe.

@JennyGoguen you may want to ask your District and/or Council if they can run the newest version of the advancement reports. These are found on My.Scouting under the respective Council or District level Roster → Reports. There are new reports for CS Adventures, CS Ranks, Scouts BSA ranks and Merit Badges, Venturing advancement and Sea Scout advancement. I believe these were released and announced to the Commissioner corps back in spring of this year. Running the report at the Council level produces District summaries. Then these are hyperlinked to provided detailed unit info within a particular district.


Please see the guide here on how to run the current version of the advancement reports:


Thanks all for the link to the reports- the data in the new report is higher in some spots than the one I’m currently receiving from Council, so I’m optimistic.

I still have the one question though regarding WHEN someone is marked as completed in the report though. Does anyone know if it is when it is marked as Completed, Approved, or Awarded in Scoutbook?

An award is earned when it is marked Approved in Scoutbook.

Awarded just means the unit has presented the physical award to the Scout.


Thank you so much! I wish I could mark two responses as “solutions”. :slight_smile:

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