Advancement Sync Missing

We have 2 scouts who transferred into our pack over the summer, but their advancement syncs are missing. Their other sibling transferred at the same time and his is appearing. I have a feeling it’s because I had to move them to different dens than where they were originally assigned. I’ve tried the unapprove/re-approve trick and that didn’t work. Any other suggestions?

Post their BSA Member IDs here (no names) and we will investigate.


Thank you!

@LaurieReynolds what is unit?

the first ones Wolf and Bear memberships are not approved - we have seen that cause issues - might want to remove end dates if you can and approve the old memberships

the webelos closed on the second one is in the same status

@LaurieReynolds so first try clearing the end dates > approve the membership > add end date back and see if it clears it - might need to do the unapprove/approve trick again

@DonovanMcNeil unfortunately it won’t let me remove the end dates on previous memberships since there is an active membership. When I try to remove the end dates, I receive this message:

xxxxx already has an active membership with this unit. You must first end the existing membership

Is there any way to delete the previous dens they were added to by mistake since they shouldn’t have been there anyway?

Put an end date on the current membership temporarily. Just don’t click away from the membership page while they don’t have a current membership.

@jacobfetzer I tried that for both and it didn’t work

@DonovanMcNeil Pack 418 is the unit

You couldn’t put an end date on the current membership?

@jacobfetzer yes I was able to. This is what I did:

  1. I put an end date on the current membership and saved.
  2. I went back and deleted the end date on the previous membership and saved.
  3. I approved the previous membership and saved.
  4. I added an end date to the previous membership and saved.
  5. I deleted the end date on the current membership and saved.
  6. I approved the current membership and saved.

Let me know if I missed a step in there somewhere.

I just happened to check our roster in (my husband is a key 3) and neither one of the scouts I’m having issues with is on our roster (but their sibling is). I’m assuming that’s what is causing the issue. What do I need to do from here?

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You need to get the scout’s registration sorted out. Either your unit needs to submit a youth reg form, or if you definitely already did, you need to contact the registrar to figure out what happened.

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