Unit not set up with advancement sync

Our unit went through the new renewal program this past March. Since then I’ve seen the message the unit is not set up with advancement sync. We just started seeing ‘expired’ scouts showing back up in scoutbook after they had been removed. When I go to Edit Pack there is no options to sync. The information on my.scouting roster is indeed showing these scouts as expired.

It sounds like they didn’t pay National to renew. Do you have info to the contrary?

Yes we did but the whole process was a mess - in my.scouting our is term is listed as 4/1/24-3/31/25 so we are good there. Basically we had our recharter processing was delayed due to technical errors. Our registrar had to resync every thing manually as all our leaders got kicked out and the unit did have a day or two where we couldn’t access anything on scoutbook but everything on my.scouting was correct.

@DavidTimchula there is a National Fix for this that is being worked on

It sounds like you have a couple issues stemming from a single root cause. To be certain, Could you provide the member number (no names) of one of the scouts who appears active in my.scouting but not scoutbook?

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