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Advancing Den and Advancement Sync

Now that the extended program year is over, I have advanced my den from Wolf to Bear. I went in and adjusted the membership dates to reflect August 1, and now none of the Scouts show the “A” for “Advancement is synced with BSA National database”. Is this supposed to happen? Did I mess it up? What needs to be done to have this corrected?

Any help/insight is appreciated.

@MichaelTrotochaud - I have typically only used the Advance Den tool and would not touch anything else with regard to scout membership data. I have followed this process:

I do think that once the process that checks the roster in my.scouting processes it should correct that. Although a good check would be to log out, close the browser then flush the cache then relaunch scoutbook and see if it is any different for those scouts.

Do they have a green shield by their current membership?

@jacobfetzer - very good point. That needs to be checked.

They do have the green shield. They just lost the “A”. I did the exact same thing last year, but I don’t recall it losing the “A” at that time. I’ll check again tomorrow and see if it reappears. I’ll report back and let you know the status of it.

Just to test something, I changed one of the Scouts to have a start date of Bear (the den he was advanced to) of today (the day I physically advanced the den). His advancement sync “A” reappeared. I’ll leave the others overnight and see if they match up with the daily member sync.

Okay, I’ll wrap this one up. All I needed to do was open their membership and hit “update”. I didn’t need to change any data, just re-update the membership and the advancement sync reappeared.

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