Adventure Additional Resource Links

Loving the new Meeting Resources. I noticed that a lot of the “Additional Resources” I presume were meant to be links. I presume these are coming at some point in the future but aren’t linked yet?

Is there an rough ETA for these to be live? (e.g. soon, or “not until August”)

Example (Wolf, Computing Wolves, Computing Fidget Spinner):

@CarlosRobledo - I gather you are seeing those at ? That is a different group that handles web content and nobody here from national monitors these forums. You may want to reach out to your council and ask them to reach out to National.

There was another post about a typo on one of the same pages and that got to the right person. Hoping this will also.

@CarlosRobledo - typo is certainly different than content and links

@CarlosRobledo Thank you for pointing this out to the team. It sounds like not all resources have been uploaded yet (this being one of them). The team expects that all resources should be available in the coming couple of weeks.