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Correct forum for high adventure registration system?

Hi, I’m using the new(ish) event management system (events.scouting.org) and have questions. No other forums seem an obvious home for that. Any suggestions or guidance?


@RaymondBradley MIGHT be able to help - what is question?

Ah thanks, @DonovanMcNeil . Question is: I have a Sea Base reservation comprising two crews. Is it possible to change the lead for one of the crews? I’m lead for one; can I designate myself lead for both?

That’s two questions. Thanks!

no idea on that - but I bet not - call Seabase Monday

Thanks for having a gander. Will call seabase.

@RaymondBradley - yeah I do not think they linked to this forum. Truly independent of other scouting.org sites.