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Lion Advancements

When will the Lion Advancements be added to Scoutnet?

Lori - are you asking about Internet Advancement ? I know that lion advancement is in scoutbook.

Yes, internet advancement

Lion advancement is currently in Internet Advancement. You need Lions on your roster to see it.

I work at my Council office and am talking about the National system, Scoutnet.
The Lion Adventure Loops are not in that system


No one from the BSA monitors these forums. Since you are a council employee, you will need to use the contacts councils are provided within the BSA to ask.

Internet Advancement and Scoutbook now both link to Scoutnet but I don’t understand how the Adventure Loops are in Scoutbook and Internet advancement and not in the main database.
Those awards can’t sync if they aren’t in the main system.
I have received hand written forms for the Lion awards and can’t enter them.

We have been told by BSA IT that Scoutbook is the official advancement database for the BSA. ScoutNET is the legacy system and eventually will be retired. Again, you will need to contact the national office directly to have your questions answered.

I have contacted them and am still waiting for a reply for a couple months.
Thanks for your quick reply.
If Scoutbook is going to be the official database I hope Council employees are given more access before Scoutnet is retired, to handle the Units that refuse to use Scoutbook.

We have been told councils will have a set of tools through which to access the Scoutbook database.

Just talked to my Council Advancement team and they can enter Lion stuff in ScoutNET no problem.

Interesting, it doesn’t show up for us.

Do you have contact information for them?
Email or Which Council?

Did your Council have Lion Pilots?

I talked to Circle Ten - and I am going to talk to Longhorn Thursday when my good contact is back there.

Yes we had the pilot program. I have a friend at Circle Ten, I’ll contact him.
Thanks for you help.
I’ve searched them in Scoutnet just like entering Cub Scout loops and they aren’t there.
I’ve asked on our Workplace facebook and other people aren’t able to enter them either.

yeah I will know more when I talk to my LHC contact (and I know and trust him). They are in the database, as I have seen them appear in SB from a council entry.

Dumb ??? - you do have scouts registered in the Lion Program? They weren’t put in under Tiger Program or something??? SUAC does not have much exposure to ScoutNET have only seen it a few times.

Following up with council - they can see and enter advancements for Lions in ScoutNET - following up with National Council support would be the way to proceed

Yes we have Lions registered.
I talked to my friend at Circle Ten and he spoke with the Registrar and was told that Units can enter them in Scoutbook but Scoutnet does not take them yet.
So I guess i just wait

That is bizarre if that is the case - one at longhorn told me they could. It is in Internet Advancement, still following up with main contact.