Adventure automatically approved when updated by Parent

I’m seeing some inconsistencies with the (red parent) Scouting App when it comes to parent’s signing off requirements and waiting for approvals. This is using the current Apple Store version, and Webelos requirements.

  1. How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide: This shows ‘Pending Approval’, which is what I expect. (Scoutbook website shows pending approval, but the shown completed & marked completed dates are off by one). Shown in attachment ‘sb1’
  2. Cast Iron Chef: Parent marked one item off which was automatically approved. No additional unit leader approval required. Shown in attacment ‘sb2’

Is this by design, or a bug with the Scouting App?


The current program modifications for COVID allow parents to approve adventures and their requirements for Cub Scouts. Some parents choose to approve advancement for their Scouts, others do not.

@edavignon Got it, thanks!
I guess we have to rely on the parent’s word; a scout is trustworthy :slight_smile:

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