How to edit permissions on Scoutbook

In my Pack Scoutbook , a parent had marked even Leader approved for a number of adventures for his cub .Is there a way to edit parent permissions to avoid this .

Are they a leader? Are they a Scoutbook admin?

Parents have Full Control of their Scouts. With Covid, BSA allowed parents to also approve; that falls in line with the Guide to Advancement as Parents are a cubs chief Akela. I believe that covid extension is still in place.

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Just a parent not even a leader .

Will this change soon . The Den Leader hasnt done the Leader approved for his own child , that is why its puzzling me . Also does a parent have Quick adventure entry as this parent hasnt marked any requirements but just the final earned .

@ElizabethMathew - sorry gatekeeper but unless and unitl there is guidance beyond the covid protocol it is what it is.

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You don’t need quick entry to be able to mark an adventure complete without marking any requirements complete. It can be done right from the adventure page.

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Honestly even I dont know how to do it , is there a tutorial for that ?

I had a post on this a while ago. There are a number of helpful how-to videos for folks in various roles

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i just clicked on the link with Granting Roles and permissions and i have highlighted the sentence .

How did this parent who isnt a Leader nor in the Committee mark it as approved is what’s puzzling me . The reason Im asking is just imagine 30 parents doing this in a Pack :weary:

What @CharleyHamilton posted probably covers it. I found it by accident a few years ago. I rarely sign them off that way, but have on occasion.

Go read above where @DonovanMcNeil mentioned temporary Covid policy that allows parents to mark it leader approved. The concept of parents being Akela goes back a long way in the history of Cub Scouts.


As @DonovanMcNeil noted above, there was a change to Scoutbook implemented as a result of the temporary changes to advancement process put into place by the BSA in response to COVID-19. There is a list of those advancement process changes (although the list itself has changed over time) here:

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Parents have always been authorized to approve advancement for Lions through Bear. It is only Webelos where COVID relaxed the requirement that Den Leaders approve advancement.

From the COVID FAQ:
Q: May parents sign off on Webelos and Arrow of Light requirements?

Yes. During this pandemic period, parents and other adults in the Cub Scout’s family may sign off on Webelos and Arrow of Light requirements. We strongly encourage that parents use the Scouting App or Scoutbook to record completion of their child’s requirements. We will continue to monitor the situation and communicate when this temporary measure expires and there is a return to the standard rules for Cub Scout advancement.


The Parent role section of the help document has been updated. Granting Roles and Permissions in Scoutbook (SB) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

Parent role – Parents have full unrevokable parent rights to their children in Scoutbook. They are able to mark their advancement as “Completed” which is represented by a green checkbox. For Scouts BSA, Venturing & Sea Scouts, they cannot mark advancements as approved unless they are also in Scoutbook as a leader or on the unit committee. For Cub Scouts, parents can mark advancement approved for Lion through Bear ranks, and due to a COVID exception for Webelos. Parents can give their Scout’s access to their own account. Parents can send a message to any leader in the unit or if they are connected to a Scout they can send a message to the Scout and his parents.


That would be great as there would be at least 30 families engaging their Cubs on a wide variety of items. It would bring them closer together, teach each other something, and really drive home one of the key ambitions of the cub program: strengthening the bonds within families.

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