Adventure completion not updating/incorrect percentages

It looks like this was an issue back in 2022 and supposedly fixed, but I have several Tiger Scouts whose adventure percentages and completions aren’t updating.

SB IDs: 11985880 and 11985847
Team Tiger completed 1-4, but showing 75% completed and not showing as completed for rank.
Tiger circles completed 1,2,4, but showing 67% completed and not showing as completed for rank.
Sky is the Limit completed 1-4, but showing 75% completed.
Rolling Tigers completed 1-5, but showing 80% complete.

I’m wondering if this is because I marked some of the requirements in SB and some in the Scouting App (first time I have done this)? I only marked requirements for the other Scout in their Den through SB and this didn’t happen.

@KatieFischer1 Was the last action on each taken in the app? You can just force complete them if done by clicking the Percent Complete and adding a date.

4/28/23. Thanks, I tried that and it worked. Any idea if I will always have to do that? Is it a glitch with specific adventures or the integration between the app and the website? I’ve volunteered for Advancement Chair for next year and was hoping to get more parents and/or Den leaders using the app or website, but if this is an ongoing issue, I might want to rethink this. Thanks

@KatieFischer1 Was the last requirement entered on the app for these things

I can’t remember for sure, but I think so.

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