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Lion Adventure Percent Complete Not Updating

This morning I was going through and reviewing/updating my scout’s Adventure requirements, when I noticed for a few scouts that requirements have been completed and signed off, however the % Complete field never updated. For other scouts that have the exact same requirements, the % Complete field is updated. See screenshots attached - Scout ‘A’ and ‘B’ have the same requirement completed, but only Scout ‘B’ shows the updated % Completed.

% are sometimes funny. They only update when an item is open. Were these items entered the same way? Or was one quick entry and the other manual entry? Or was one from Scouting App?

I updated (marked complete and Leader Approved) Scout ‘B’ today in Scoutbook using the Quick Entry. Scout ‘A’ was marked complete using Scoutbook back in November, I’m not sure how the leader approved it…

Just to update real quick I went back into Scout ‘A’ record and re-saved the advancement which seemed to push the update through and now it’s showing correctly…

Thanks for the quick reply @DonovanMcNeil!

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