Tiger elective completion errors

I have a very enthusiastic Tiger family who has been my first to complete every single Tiger elective. Apparently 5 are showing in the app as completed 100% for the family but on my side as CC they are showing partial completions and thus did not make it onto the advancement report although they met the requirements.
Curiosity, Intrigue, and Magical Mysteries
Sky is the Limit
Stories in Shapes
Tiger Tales
Tiger Theater
Is this a known error or is it some sort of sync issue between app and site?

What do you mean they are showing as partial on your side? What percent? Have you checked the needs approval report?

They show under individual adventures as 75% completed or such and I’ve approved each requirement completion but the overall adventure is not approving.

For example Sky’s the limit- complete 1-3 plus 1 other. 1,2,3,4 are all marked and approved as completed but the gauge indicates 75% completed.
All are sticking at 75% except Curiosity and Magic which says 56%.

My needs approval is empty. Although I will add that as I am CC in this Pack I am simply a Troop Committee member in a troop and when I do approve anything for the Pack the menu automatically takes me to the troop’s needs approval and this troop does not use SB for anything.

Thanks- much tougher to describe than initial thinking.

Can you try opening one of the completed adventure requirements and clicking save? What happens to the overall percent complete?

You should have to do that, but doing so would indicate a bug in the percent complete calculations in whatever app was used to Mark them complete. Do you know if the parent had marked it complete via the Scouting app?

Yes I can date completions and approval of the overall adventure. And confirmed with the parent they did not mark the entire adventure complete since they’d never needed to previously. They do use the Scouting app and android.

It feels glitchy but it also feels as though a simple glitch shouldn’t impact 5 adventures without someone noticing it before me but this is my first family who seems to insist on using the app despite my suggestions to not.

are they on the correct year version?

I did not mean for you to update the overall adventure completion date. I meant for you to go into a single requirement that is marked complete and click save without changing anything to see what happens with the overall completion. We have heard of this type of issue before, but we have not been able to pinpoint the root cause.

Yep. These haven’t been updated in quite a while so they’re toggled to 2016 requirements.

FYI, Den Leaders approve advancement unless they have delegated that authority.

Due to COVID, parents can approve advancement for Cub Scouts as well.

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Correct, but not the CC unless they are a parent or have been delegated.

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