Lion adventure percentage not updating

I’ve looked through several posts, but nothing suggested fixes this. I have a few scouts, some who have completed two adventures, and they’re progress is still at 0%. I’ve gone through the scouts page-advancements-adventure. And it even has the correct percentage ON THEIR INDIVIDUAL PAGE, but the percentage is at 0% on the main dashboard. I tried the quick entry, redoing the approval process. Nothing works.

What are the exact adventures and requirements you have entered showing this?

Tiger bites and Tigers in the wild.

What requirements are marked off

All the required ones.

still shows up as 0% on main dashboard


Tiger bites is a Tiger adventure. Why would you expect it to update Lion percent complete?

That’s because I mean to say Tiger…not Lion.

I do not know what you mean by main page where it is 0%

There’s 3 scouts on here that have completed at least one adventure, but still say 0% where the others are reading as 22%

so this is the unit roster?

sorry, still getting used to terminology, first year den leader. This is my den roster.

Why is your den that big? That is nuts

I don’t know how much longer that list actually is, but I had 13 when I was a DL. We just didn’t have another volunteer to take on a second den. We ran at that size all the way through bridging to a troop. It was…busy, but workable.

Yup, it’s a big group, but you know how it goes, lots register early and some don’t attend.
So…anyone have an answer to this problem?

Have they earned Bobcat yet?

Some have, some haven’t. However, some that are at 0% have earned Bobcat.

…as well as 1-2 adventures

Maybe post the BSA IDs (no names, please) for the ones who are showing up as 0%? That could let the SUAC folks dig into the individual records on the back end to see is something there is weird.

Where would I post those? Here?