Scoutbook Advancement Automation Anomolies

Recently, I’m seeing a couple different issues with the automation related to adventure requirements. With several of my scouts, individual requirements (i.e. requirements 1 and 2 and 2 others) were showing complete but the system still reported the adventure as only 80%. I had to manually mark the adventure complete.

On a Tiger elective adventure, Curiosity, Intrigue, and Magical Mysteries, the scout did not complete requirement 1 but the system shows the scout completed the entire adventure. He had completed items 2 - 5 but not 1, which should have prevented the completion.

Could you provide specifics on the one that don’t autocomplete?

For those that autocompleted too early, click on the overall completion, remove the date, and then go into on of the requirements and re-saved it to see if it autocompletes again.

For the early auto-complete. I removed the date and went into requirement 5, resaved and it now shows the adventure at 40%.

For one of the ones that didn’t auto-complete, scout is BSA ID 137468200, adventure is Wolf, Call of the Wild. Scout completed requirements 1-5 but adventure was showing only 80% complete. I went into requirement 5 and re-saved, this cleared the problem but I had the same issue with some other scouts where requirements were all marked complete and re-saving one of the requirements triggered the auto-complete.

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