All requirements met; but, award not given

I’ve been entering my Tigers’ requirements for their adventure loops and when all requirements are met (e.g. Do number 1 and at least 2 others) Scoutbook still says less than 100% and does not say the adventure was complete. I assumed it would update itself in a day or so; but, it’s been a month & I’ve had to put in manually that each adventure had been completed.

Which adventure/requirements specifically are giving trouble?

@RandalVincent - where said requirements marked as completed and approved?

First as completed and not yet approved; then, as completed and approved. Still no dice.

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Have you run a “Needs Approval” report?

Yes. They needed approval, I approved them, still didn’t register as complete.

how where the requirements marked off? Manually, Quick Entry, DLE?

A combination of manually & quick entry.

@RandalVincent - alrighty… time for some screen shots of what you see and please not a photograph… there are many screen capture tools in windows and mac OS

I’ve already gone in and manually put completion dates on the awards.

@RandalVincent - ok then… please turn the lights off when done.

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