Adventure Quick Entry Bug - Girls in Den

Using the Adventure Quick Entry function to partially mark off specific requirements completed for all the scouts in attendance for a meeting works as intended for dens that contain only boys.

If a den contains a girl(s) scout, attempting to use that function results in being kicked back to the home page.

This is an issue that has been known to exist for over a year already. Is this something that is intending to be addressed soon? The forced workarounds are not so elegant. As far as I know, 3 options are available to den leaders to deal with this problem.

  1. Change all girls in den to boys within Scoutbook, make the adventure quick entries, change them back to girls.
  2. Change all genders of scouts to male and leave them this way (completely unacceptable, but I foresee that some will likely take this approach).
  3. Keep track of requirements on paper, then when the entire award or adventure has been completed, use the specific Award Quick Entry function to make the den entries in mass.

Please, please, make the coding changes necessary to allow girls dens to function the same as boys dens within the system.

I have not encountered this problem. In fact, I just tried it, and it worked. Do all of the scouts have a green shield by their name on the roster? Do you have a full control connection to all of them?

Is this how you are trying to do it?

den page → Quick Entry → Enter Adventures

I didn’t know that method and it seem to allow proper function for almost all circumstances. Thanks.

There is another way to get to Adventure Quick Entry which exhibits the behavior I described.

This year we have most of the Web 1’s (newly recruited) who were not Bears last year, so our Cubmaster decided to allow them to participate in the Bear Den (Bear Claws) to obtain their pocketknife privileges.

The Den Page>Quick Entry>Enter Adventures allows only adventures at that (Web 1) rank.

Here is the sequence to get to the broken button.

Click on a Den, then a child in that den, >(Child’s Name) Advancement>Bear (downgraded) Rank>Bear Claws>Adventure Quick Entry (top left of page), results in kicked back to home page.

I see that the Quick Entry from Den page works for most normal circumstances. Outlier circumstances can be handled by doing the whole award at a time method.


Cub Scouts do not go back. Webelos are not eligible to earn Bear adventure loops. They can, however, earn the Whitting Chip, which is under awards.

I see the Whittling Chip award entry now. Thanks.

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