Unable to enter adventures for one den member

I’m a Cubmaster and Bear Den Leader. One of our new Bear scouts has earned some adventures but I am unable to enter adventures for them. Whenever I go to quick entry from the Den page the scout doesn’t show up in the list. This scout had a sibling join another den at the same time and they have recorded adventures seemingly without issue.

My SB id 13017603
My Member ID: 14415463

Scout User ID: 13198083
Scout BSA ID: 140328698

@NickoBSA - I gather the scout is in your bear den listing ? First check the membership section for that scout in scoutbook > their page > membership., If there are two current active listings, you can end the one that is not your den but says Youth member.


It appears this Scout has the wrong position code in the Scoutbook database. I have asked the developers to investigate.

The scout currently shows in my Bear Den Listing:

Here is a snip of their membership page. If I try to reassign to the bear den, the bear den is not listed, seeming to indicate to me that they are correctly placed in the den.

I’ve been digging around in the scouts information and the only odditiy I’ve found thus far is that in the connections menu I’m listed twice. In the past I had two scoutbook accounts and was able to get that cleared up (thanks to the Forums!) but for all other scouts in the system I only show as a connection once.

Thanks for responding and letting me know that I’m not doing something wrong and that there’s a greater issue than just me, haha.


It looks like there is a bug in Scoutbook when moving a Scout to a den by using +Add Position. They are going to fix this Scout for you and hopefully find the root cause and develop a fix relatively quickly.

The preferred way to move a Scout into a den is by going to the Den roster page then using the Reassign Scout button. This ends the position in the old den (or no den) then creates a new position in the new den in one step.

@NickoBSA - ideally the membership should be something like this:


for what ever den level they are in

Thanks @edavignon and @Stephen_Hornak for the quick help!


Please try again. The developers tell me the Scout’s position has been fixed.

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Thanks very much. It worked perfectly!

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