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Adventures not displaying

My son’s rank and awards show up on the app, but the “Webelos Adventures” do not. I thought maybe it was because he didn’t earn any yet, but now he has and they’re still not there.

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what happens if on left side you click show all? I wonder if they have to load once

The second picture is what comes up when I click show all

OH OK - I do not have cub so was unsure

this has been reported to Developer

Try clicking the actual Webelos icon and then the 1st rank requirement. I think the developers moved the “required” adventures to show there (at least that’s where I see them for my Scout that is a Wolf)

I do agree, I would expect to see completed adventures when I click “see all”

Yeah, I can see the required adventures that way. I still don’t have a way to see electives, though.

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I’m seeing the same problem as reported in Adventures Not Displaying but that thread is locked with no resolution. I’m a Den Leader and am having parents complain about this since they’re having to enter more adventures remotely this year.

The Scouting app shows no adventures:

If I tap the “See All” button it shows a blank page with “There are no items to display”. If I tap the Wolf rank icon on the main page I can see and edit the required adventures but there’s no way to see the elective adventures.

As a Den Leader I can see all the kids’ adventures through scoutbook.com but most of the parents use the app instead since it is usually easier.

This has been reported to the developers.

I too have had the same issue on Android 10. I cant see his adventures… this needs fixed ASAP, it was working months back… now… not so much…

This has been reported to the developers and they are investigating.

Same issue on IOS14. I think it started when the den was advanced over the summer. No Webelos adventures.
I see the developers are looking into it so just noting here it’s also an issue on iOS

Same issue here. It does not appear to be related to OS version since I am seeing the same problem on my Samsung Galaxy S10+ (Android 10) and in my Samsung Galaxy Tab S (Android 7).

This functionality was working on my phone about a week ago, then randomly stopped working with no changes made in the device. Hopefully this can be resolved shortly since I really want to encourage my den parents to use the app to record advancements but can’t recommend it currently since it appears to be broken.

There is a fix for this issue in development. It will be released once it passes final testing.

iOS update with fix has been released. Please update your app and see if this is now working.

It is working now on iOS, thank you!

You’re welcome. Thanks go to the developers and I’ll pass it along.