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Bug in Cub Scout Report - can't "see" Webelos Rank Requirement 3 as complete

I ran a report using report builder.

I chose the den, then webelos rank, rank requirements and included descriptions.

Even though some of the Scouts had earned an elective adventure, the check box in the report for that rank requirement showed up empty for everyone except those who had been awarded the Webelos badge-those two scouts got the awarded symbol in the box.

If I look at the individual advancement in Scoutbook, their elective adventure shows up and is approved. For the Webelos rank, the requirement is marked automatically(green), but does not allow me to approve it turning it blue (I get the “this is a visual” message). I wonder if the fact that it is not “approved” prevents it from showing up in the report? In which case it needs a way to be approved. If there is a way, I don’t see it. (the rank requirement does not show up in a needs approval pack report.

I am the advancement chair and the den leaders do not yet know how to use Scoutbook, so I was trying to run the report for the den leader to show him an easy way to see what his scouts have left to do to earn the rank. Big fail, because we have to actually look into each Scout’s page to find out.

Sorry if this is a known bug, I did not see a thread for this issue.



I’ve reported this to the developers. I’m not sure when or if they’ll be able to address this.

Thanks for doing that!

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