AOL Crossover Transferred to Troop Missing Adventure Pins

My son is an AOL Scout, and he has been working very hard to earn every available belt loop and adventure pin in Cub Scouts. He earned AOL and crossed over to the Troop in February, but he has still been participating in Cub Scout activities with the Webelos I den. Just last night, he earned the final adventure pin! However I am unable to update his advancement in Scoutbook because his application to join the Troop went through, and his Cub Scout record is gone. He still has several unawarded pins. How do I access his Cub Scout advancement now that he’s in the Troop? I was told that he could continue participating in Cub Scouts until the end of this Scouting year. Our Pack Crossover isn’t held until May, and that’s when those final pins were to be awarded. I’d appreciate any help!

Well a scout cannot be registered in a Pack and a Troop, it is one or the other. the Scout is in troop now, you might be able to end the troop in Scoutbook, and restart the pack, but I am not sure if that will work; if the scout is no longer on pack official roster you would not be able to approve any awards.

Thanks for your response. I have emailed our council rep to see if they can access his Cub Scout record. It seems odd to me that the record isn’t visible at all. You’d think they’d allow parents to see what their Scout has earned throughout their Scouting career.

Once he crossed over an registered with the troop that ended the ability to earn any further cub scout advancement. As per the guide to advancement (the national policies on advancement) a scout does not go backwards only forward. Meaning once he crossed over that ended any and all earning of Cub Scout advancement and that is why you can’t put in his advancement. You can however run a report for his history for cub scout advancement.

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You can use the Cub Scout History Report to get his Cub Scout record. It is still in Scoutbook but does not display once the Scout joins a troop.

On your son’s Scoutbook page, down at the bottom, select “Reports” You’ll see Cub Scout History Report there.

Thanks for your help everyone! The Scoutmaster is going to transfer him back to the Pack so that I can update his advancement, then we’ll transfer back to the Troop.

I would not recommend that. Call your registrar first. If the registrar is not otherwise overwhelmed, they may be able to correct things.

Thanks, I will talk to my Scoutmaster tonight let him know that’s an option

@ValerieReisen - i am trying to wrap my mind around why a transfer to the troop would have been done prior to full completion. I just do not get that and the advice that the scout could work both programs

I agree. What our registrar has said is that doing so (Scout to Cub to Scout) is a mess. They have said they will do it if I really really want to, but would prefer that I fill out the old fashioned “classic” manual advancement form. Sign and give to her. The registrar then uses that to edit the old cub advancement “directly”. Then everything is happy.

To not cause this extra work, I have tried to make sure all is done and entered before transferring.


Who would ever suggest they could work on both… looks like a job for commish and roundtable

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