Missing records on Scoutbook

Hello, we are a military family and as such we have moved several times over the years. My youngest is now an AOL, however all of his accomplishments prior to Bear are missing on Scoutbook (he started as a Tiger), and they are accomplishments that took place in 2 separate States/Dens. Additionally, both my kids have 2 separate accounts displaying on Scoutbook, but the older account shows nothing for my youngest son. We just moved to Korea and there are no Dens near us, so we will be doing the Lone Scout and I have no idea who to reach in order to get this fixed so i can get started on his arrow. Thank you in advance.

@DavidEcheverry think we can solve this fast - this is only effecting EE? One application you left off Middle name so it missed it in search.

@DavidEcheverry both had issues - log into SB and see if it looks good - thanks for you and your families service

It works! Thank you so much for your help!

Additionally, would you happen to know if/who I have to contact if they have to do be Lone Scouts, in order to be able to sign my boys off on Scoutbook after completing acheivements?

David Echeverry

@DavidEcheverry - a couple of thoughts on. Lone Scouting. You would ned to make sure the council supports it as they will process advancement. Next is that scoutbook does not support lone scouts.

Lone Scouting

Scoutbook is a unit tool. It does not support lone cub scouts and lone scouts.

Contact the the new council. lone Cub Scouts, lone Scouts, and lone scout friends and counselors (Cub or Scout) are council / district supported positions. More:


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