After recharter, My Leader Position is Gone

I’m the Wolf Den leader of our Pack. After the recharter was applied recently, my profile in says “Not on official unit roster in my.scouting”. My login hasn’t changed and all my training is correctly associated with this account.

How do I resolve this?

@RyanHendrickson this is Fixed - this is a bug that has been introduced through a few things. To all experiencing this. MAKE SURE YOUR CHILDS accounts are associated with your Leader account in AKELA (you cannot see this but council can).

Hi Donovan,
Thanks for the info. How do I make sure my son is linked to me in AKELA? Do I need to reach out to the council?


Ahh, looking again, did you fix it for me? Thanks!

@RyanHendrickson I patched it - REACH OUT TO COUNCIL

If you log into > menu > my applications, you’ll see both your name and your child(ren)’s name(s).

I reached out to the district/council, provided them this link, and they said they weren’t sure what they are supposed to do. They did a “re-sync”, which takes 24-48 hours.

Do you have some more specific guidance I can pass along?


@RyanHendrickson it is very simple - they need to move the AKELA Relationship to your Scout to your registered position (MID)

Thanks - I checked this and don’t see my kids there.

Thanks, I’ve passed this info along to them.

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