Updates after recharter

After the recharter was posted on April 1, I had every Scout in my unit suddenly have 25+ connections. When I looked at them, many were not leaders in the unit but parents of other scouts. These adults have never been registered leaders or completed background checks etc. But they were listed as leaders and had access to the Scouts info including profile. I deleted all of the contacts, but just from an awareness standpoint didnt know if anyone else saw this. My council when I made aware wasnt able to explain or intervene.

Did someone run permissions by position in the extension?

We did look at that but I dont think it fixed it, so we did it manually. It was not present in March but occurred after new roster was posted with recharter April 1. Also many parents who are not and were not leaders showed on the roster and they were labeled leaders.

Could you post the BSA member numbers of a couple of Scouts whose parents showed up as adult leaders when they weren’t?

My point was the permissions by position probably added the connections, and I don’t believe it removes them.

Try 134442624 for a scout.

Under connections TB, CD, ED, AF, are listed as leaders, but they are parents of other Scouts and no registered with the Troop.

That’s the connection type that applies if the unit chooses to give a connection to non-leaders. It doesn’t mean they actually are leaders, and the connection permissions are no higher than view. Some units prefer this so everyone has access to contact info.

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Did something reset with recharter? We didn’t have this previously.

How do we undo that and can we unchecked everyone or is it a manual.

Using Connection manager and clicking on the parents name would allow a mass change

Thanks will give that a shot.

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