Updating adult positions and synch overwriting

As the new scout year is starting, there are some leaders previously registered (likely at charter) thay are no longer active in the pack. I ended their position to remove them from the roster and email lists, but every few days some akela synch brings them back. Yesterdays synch included some webelos den leaders who “graduated” early 2022

How can I update this before recharter to prevent this from happening?
(Note:some people no longer in adult positions are still pack parents, so I dont want to remove their accounts entirely. Just positions.)


I have the same problem, did anyone answer this?

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Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about it. I haven’t had many issues with people coming back on after their positions were ended though.

What is the trigger / mechanism that causes this?

Also why did the AOL Den leaders that left the pack in February suddenly come back this time?

The trigger is something changed on their Akela (membership database) records.

I’d assume the AOL leaders are still listed on your official roster on my.scouting. Is that not the case?

Hi Jacob,
I’ve never looked around at my.scouting roster but YES - they are listed there. Is it possible the old AOL leaders “reappeared” because they are getting active account updates with their Troop?

another use case- I have a den leader on that roster who has left the pack this fall (moved out of state). I ended their membership so they stop getting all the pack emails. Will they resync at some point?

The changes in Akela that trigger it could be something like updating an email address, applying for a new position in a different unit, or something smaller.

There’s a chance the leader who moves could reappear but unlikely if they moved out of council.

Minor FYI, if they are still invited to calendar events, they will still get reminders.

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I believe that the Feature Assistant Extension for Chrome & Firefox can still address this by batch-updating the events.

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@jacobfetzer so what is the purpose of this behavior and is there any workaround?


The purpose is any changes need to be synced and the system isn’t smart enough to only sync the changes. You might be able to disapproved their position in your unit instead of ending it. That might have a similar behavior to ending it. I’m not certain.

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