Aligning Dates for when Dues are due

It would be nice to have some way to pay a prorated amount of dues to have the whole troop all due at re-charted. With this new policy of dues are for one year from the time a Scout or Leader signs up does not work for our Troop. We have a large fund raiser during the Summer that pays for everyone’s in the Troops Recharter fees which in our Council is 10/31. Now I have a Scout due on 8/31 and a Leader on 9/30, how do we get them back in line with the Troop? So far, I have been told make them pay online themselves and then reimburse them for it. This is not a good answer BSA needs to work out a way to “Re-align” the payment dates.

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@ScottHackett - talk to you council. Mh understanding is that recharter wil, be no more under the subscription method.

I’m not sure what that mean “subscription method” we pay the Council for a Scout (or Adult) be in Scouting (11/1 to 10//31) each year at Re-charter time. We have recently had Scout join the unit is August and September. So now they have dates not aligned with the Troop. The one that joined in the last week of Aug is going to have to renewal date at the end of July (7/31). What do we do to get them on a 10/31 renewal date with the Troop? The Troop pays for Recharter fees for the boys if they participate in the large fund raiser during the Summer.

@ScottHackett You will need to contact your local council.

@ScottHackett - my understanding is that recharter will be no more after this year. The scouts and scouters will pay national which will then forward the council fee to the respective local council.


My understanding is that there will be an option for units to pay for youth and adults when their registration ends. Not a perfect solution, but it is what we will be doing for now. And we will collect our dues from the families at their new anniversary date.

I’m merely a COR, so I don’t know this for a fact, but with the individual payment process, it appears that the only thing unpaid is the annual charter fee, which is the responsibility of the Chartered Organization. Will National be electronically billing the COs for the $100.00 fee? I’m not sure that our organization has an email on file. Perhaps the notice will go to the COR?

Another question is: will delinquent Scout membership fees be given a grace period so they can continue to participate until paid? Will National notify units of those Scouts who are unpaid?

This change has left a lot of questions unanswered.


These are all questions best addressed to your Council


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